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Make the most of your TMS

Drawing on the combined expertise and hands-on experience of dozens of trucking/logistics IT Executives, this comprehensive guide explores the seven core benefits every TMS must deliver:

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1. Fast, low-cost deployment
2. Automatic software updates
3. Future-proof technology         
4. Turnkey integrations
5. Intelligent driver workflow
6. Maximum security and readiness
7. Business intelligence


Written with both IT Admins and end users in mind, "7 Qualities that Define a 'Modern' TMS" takes you step-by-step through the process of selecting the right platform for your company – one that seamlessly delivers a complete, end-to-end mobile dispatch and order-fulfillment solution for maximizing profitability and growth.


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“Technology is at the foundation of our success in the industry and our competitive advantage in the market. Magnus TMS is the bedrock of that foundation, allowing us to offer customers order visibility, tracking, invoicing, and real-time event reporting and delivery confirmation."

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