Does Your TMS Pass the Stress Test?

In today's world, cyber-attacks are becoming an increasingly scary and realistic threat. And because data is a business's most valued asset - aside from its people - it must be protected!


Trucking and logistics companies are looking to increase their cybersecurity, and a great way to do that is by going to the cloud. 

Recently, we spoke with Matthew Carpenter, a professional hacker and senior technology strategist at GRIMM, to get his expert analysis on TMS vulnerabilities. Our latest guide, "Does Your TMS Pass the Stress Test? The 4 Keys to Evaluate the Data Security of Your Core System," takes that information and spells out the advantages of a SaaS-based vs. traditional, client-server TMS.


Those advantages include:
   1. Heightened Physical Security
   2. Enhanced IP Traffic Monitoring
   3. Improved Network Visibility
   4. Better Business Continuity


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Paul Brooks, Controller, LNR Auto Transport, LLC