Year-Round Savings with a SaaS-based Transportation Management Solution (TMS)

Holiday deals are flooding your inbox from every retailer with your email address. Buying items on your wish-list could not be easier. One-click buying is not the norm when shopping for software products that perform essential business functions, however.

When shopping for the best transportation management software (TMS), transportation and logistics companies are quickly losing interest in the client-server model. This traditional deployment method has many drawbacks.

Besides making upfront investments in hardware and software, companies must endure long implementation cycles, increase their overhead costs for IT support, and account for the general lack of scalability and flexibility.

As business needs change or expand, software vendors with a client-server model often charge their customers extra to access essential features like electronic data interchange (EDI), mobile apps, and third-party integrations with electronic logging devices (ELDs), trailer tracking, fuel payment systems, and more.

Magnus_LifecycleInfographic_1-1Choose a Future-Proof TMS to Maximize Year-Round Savings

The software-as-a-service model for TMS is the best value, bar none. Besides getting instant savings on hardware and overhead, some vendors include support in the monthly subscription. This added value removes any excuse for users to ask questions and get the training they need to maximize return on investment.

Magnus Technologies Group has a monthly subscription that includes support and full user access to all modules in the complete, end-to-end mobile dispatch and order fulfillment TMS solution for finished vehicle, truckload and LTL fleets:

  • The Magnus TMS has advanced load planning, rating, driver payroll and settlements and accounting systems. The platform supports multiple methods to automatically rate loads and advanced data science techniques to analyze lane profitability.
  • The Magnus Driver App is a stable end-to-end mobile dispatch solution that automates route assignments, load tracking, communications, and document capture. Drivers can update the status of the order at the critical steps along the route.
  • Magnus Carrier Advantage is a private network that allows carriers to share loads and capacity with other members of the Magnus network and track shipments for end-to-end fulfillment.
  • A Business Intelligence Reporting Suite delivers insights for improving bottom-line performance. Additionally, customers have full access to their enterprise database by using self-service reporting tools like Power BI.

All-Inclusive Subscription with Scalable Pricing

The monthly subscription to the Magnus TMS is adjusted periodically based on actual utilization of trucks under management. This cost-saving model is far superior to costly legacy TMS systems that charge a per-seat license. 

Magnus has an extensive set of EDI and ELD partners, as well as integrations with other third-party applications, and typically will not charge clients extra to activate new electronic data interchange (EDI) connections with shipper customers or turn on new integrations with ELDs and other third-party systems.

Our ability to integrate and partner with new services quickly and transparently is one of our strengths. We think it is vital for a TMS, given how central integrations are to your business.

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By comparison, legacy TMS providers charge thousands for each integration and have recurring maintenance and support fees.

Additionally, the SaaS-based Magnus TMS delivers unmatched security benefits compared to on-premises, client-server systems by virtue of running in a highly advanced and secure cloud platform.

Trucking and logistics companies do not need to search far and wide to find the best year-round value for an enterprise SaaS-based TMS platform. Magnus has everything you need in one subscription that scales to your ongoing business needs to maximize efficiencies and build a competitive advantage.

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