Finished to Truckload: The Magnus Story

Founded by transportation and logistics veterans in 2000, Magnus Technologies has the industry expertise needed to create the technology solutions that will take transportation and trucking companies to the next level. 

Built out of necessity but evolved for maximum efficiency and productivity, the Magnus TMS became the first SaaS-based, enterprise-grade transportation management software platform for truckload carriers.

Built Out of Necessity 

In the beginning, the company, then United Road, simply needed an internal TMS that could service its customers and allow for all of its 70 new entities to roll up together into one organization. However, the team quickly realized that integrating that many unique systems and processes into one solution was not possible. 

The available technology lacked the robust, high-quality, cloud-based logistics management solution the company needed for its finished vehicle logistics, auto hauling and building supply. So, they built their own. It worked so well that Viridian TransVision Solutions (VTV) was created to house the expanding software enterprise.

VTV operated in the finished vehicle industry for decades, serving a broad spectrum of fleet sizes from as few as 10 vehicles up to as many as 3,000 vehicles, enabling the movement of billions of shipments since its inception. Its cloud-based solution eliminates the need for in-house IT support, infrastructure, maintenance and capital expenditures that are necessary with legacy on-premises client/server solutions

Taking on Truckload

It was clear VTV had a winning solution. It was also clear that although it was originally conceived to serve the finished vehicle market, the SaaS-based technology – and its ability for integrations and customizations – was well-suited for other transportation verticals.   

After analyzing existing legacy dispatching solutions, the team built a SaaS-based transportation management software solution to address the truckload market’s need for more modern, less antiquated client-server architectures that could not adapt to today’s complicated and evolving business demands, and officially expanded to FTL under the Magnus Technologies moniker 2018. 

In 2019, the Magnus TMS launched as the first cloud-based, enterprise grade transportation management software system, revolutionizing the industry’s approach to technology. Magnus’s easy-to-implement, available anywhere system improves dispatcher and driver efficiency and productivity through an intuitive and streamlined workflow that allows for intelligent load building and planning tools with real-time data collection for up-to-date business intelligence and analysis. Its integrated mapping tools also reduce or eliminate the need for expensive routing software. 

The Magnus TMS streamlines document uploads, increases payment processing and reduces the need for spending on external document management solutions. It also sends automotive arrival and departure alerts as well as electronic proof of delivery to drivers, simplifying their daily routes and communication with dispatch.

In addition to making day-to-day operations for dispatchers and drivers easier and more productive, the Magnus TMS improves executive management’s ability to monitor and manage the business in near real-time through an extensive set of business intelligence tools and metrics including revenue and driver performance metrics. Through increased productivity and reduced expenses, along with increased customer satisfaction and service levels, Magnus provides a substantial return on investment for all carriers.

Also, because the TMS was created by those with in-depth industry knowledge, it is able to integrate solutions into the system while also accounting for nuances in each customer’s configurations. The TMS was built to digitize data and automate as many manual, paper-based processes as possible. It also has built-in business intelligence tools that allows companies to maintain their data and creates reports without needing to integrate other applications or going outside of the TMS. 

Legacy systems are simply not able to handle the types of integrations and customizations or the availability and visibility that the SaaS-based TMS can. Legacy systems have to provide carriers with work-arounds for such occurrences, while Magnus builds for them. Using this approach has allowed Magnus to create a superior product for the truckload industry.

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