Creating a Trucking TMS Software Solution

When Magnus Technologies was first envisioned, its founders Matt Cartwright and Nick Crown used their industry insight and experience to create a solution the trucking industry needed: a full SaaS-based platform that hosts, manages and monitors every part of a trucking company’s business.

Magnus provides a full-solution cloud-based TMS platform that accommodates every aspect of the trucking business: order management, management reporting, customer integration, daily reporting, driver payroll, invoicing and more.

“We wanted to give a one-stop shop for access to everything and to make it convenient,” said Cartwright, Magnus’s CEO. “That’s why we also offer a mobile application. It was important for us to look at a trucking TMS solution that could work from inside all four walls of the business to where the activities are happening with the drivers and the fleet.”

Magnus_LifecycleInfographic_5-1One of the benefits of running the Magnus platform is its ability to integrate every ELD, EDI and legacy application a company already uses into one, easy-to-use Magnus interface. This has tremendous cost and time benefits for trucking companies who traditionally have to log into multiple applications to gather information.

“When a back-office has to bounce from app to app to app and manually try to piece together all of the information, it’s wasteful, it creates blindspots because of the lack of an integrated view, and it takes too long to acquire and digest all of the information,” says Cartwright. “We take all of these apps and integrate them into Magnus for a single, consolidated view, so all the information is at their fingertips.”

One of the ways Magnus stays at the forefront of developing industry solutions is by keeping a finger on the pulse on industry friction points and quickly creating solutions that we can roll out to all of our Magnus customers. This in turn is making the trucking industry, and their client’s business, more profitable. Magnus Technologies is a progressive platform that is always building solutions for automation and integration systems and therefore making trucking operations’ lives easier. 

“Magnus is assumed to be a software shop,” says Cartwright, “but we are a company that doesn’t lose sight of the fact that we exist to serve our trucking customers. We just happen to deliver that service via software. We solve business problems with software which results in our customers becoming more efficient, more satisfied and more profitable.” 

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